The Story


W hen you first experience a new scent, you subconsciously link it to an event, a person, an image, a feeling ... even a moment. Your brain immediately forges an association between the scent and a memory, and then each subsequent time you encounter that scent, your mind slips into a state of déjà vu.

At Ayesha Ziya we are passionate about scents that are ever lasting, exclusive and exotic. With many years of careful research and blending of different ingredients, our collection now consists of 5 unique and indulgent fragrances. A simple spray of our fragrance will have you hooked to the luscious, enticing scents that we have to offer.

A sublime fragrance can elicit more intense feelings than a visual image, a taste and even a touch. Scents relationship with déjà vu is remarkable, and something that Ayesha Ziya captures in her fragrances.

With thousands of brands on the market when Ayesha Ziya started her journey to create her first fragrance, she knew the bar was raised extremely high with the level of quality already available on the market. Ayesha wanted to bring to the table something that was unique, something that was enticing, and something that ‘you’ would all fall in love with. Having spent years on her ventures to research the market in the Middle East, learning how to create the perfect blends, Ayesha Ziya Irum and oud fragrances were born.

The journey from there has simply been a wonderful success story. Now with our own collection of high end fragrances –Ayesha Ziya continues to mesmerise across the Globe with their unique fragrances, and have not only gained a loyal social media following but has also been published in Vogue & GQ magazines.

Go to our Fragrance page to learn more about the enticing range we offer. This website will give you all the information you need about our product range. But if there are any further questions you may have, you can always go to our FAQ’s or Contact Us page to send us a direct message.