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  1. 1

    Ayesha Ziya’s '1’ respects the personality of Oud, with each facet of character in its composition being highlighted. Its depth is amplified by the input of an amber harmony, while the bestial reddish glow is fanned with rich notes of sandalwood, that is completed with the rare and prestigious notes of saffron. The '1’ fragrance is beautifully housed in our new polished glass bottle and textured gold gift box. 100ml Bottle


  2. Irum Limited Edition

    In celebration of the new bottles adorned by the Ayesha Ziya collection, Ayesha Ziya has created a limited edition collection using the first 100 bottles of her iconic fragrance ‘Irum’ a true sparkle. Each of the 100 bottles are hand encrusted with Swarovski crystals and individually numbered in the order the bespoke bottle was commissioned. 100ml Bottle 


  3. Irum

    Irum is infinitely easy to wear, with sweet, delicious floral tones and comforting woody, rich aromas. Escape reality, and embrace blooming juvenescence, with this bright, tender scent. 100ml Bottle 


  4. The Oud

    The Oud, is an exotic, enticing blend of velvety, floral Oud with evocative, spicy mid-notes, which envelop a sensual arbour of musk. Slip into a warming, voluptuous effusion of rich floral Oud and sensual white musk, and allow your senses to be transported to alluringly exotic, balmy, far-off paradises. The scent of The Oud unfolds, like a desert rose, upon the skin, and is sure to make a lasting impression. 100ml Bottle 


  5. Islah

    The inviting scents of Islah are fresh and charming, as warming blooms of spice and fruity auras blend with jubilant notes of evocative rosemary and energetic citrus. Islah’s luscious and seductive flavours capture the essence of temptation, expressing elegance and radiance. 100ml Bottle 


  6. Signature Oud

    Unmistakably lavish, this deluxe fragrance employs a velvety blend of opulent Oud and sparkling metallic touches, enveloped by precious balsamic and rich musky undertones. At £89, the prized symphony of Signature Oud deliciously unfolds, evoking alluring luxury, daring audacity and sophisticated poise. 100ml Bottle 


  7. Royal Mirage

    Royal Mirage embraces enchantment and indulgence, presenting ultimate luxury for £109. Citrus echoes of bergamot crown a heart of frankincense, which celebrates exotic and regal Eastern origins. The elevated notes are intensified with a smouldering collection of warm, smoky scents, creating a majestic ambience that is bursting with power and vibrancy. 100ml Bottle 


  8. His & Hers Set - The Oud & Irum

    The ultimate must have His and Hers fragrances by Ayesha Ziya - The perfect combo to compliment both Him and Her - the divine Oud and the elegant Irum perfumes as a complete set. 2 x 100ml Bottles


  9. Irum Candle

    The Irum candle was created by Ayesha Ziya to celebrate the success of her first perfume, The Irum. The candle, much the same as the fragrance, is inspired by Ayesha Ziya's love of flowers, this evocative floral fragrance has a heady heart note of Jasmine, complemented by rich notes of oud that are followed by gentle top notes of amber. The wax has been hand poured into a luxurious blown glass vessel, decorated with the label's signature stamp.

  10. His & Hers Candle Set

    A deep oasis of oud wood, spice and rich musk. This beautiful candle is also based on one of Ayesha Ziya’s best selling perfumes, Signature Oud. Light this scent at any time of year or day for a tranquil escape. This candle is only offered in our limited edition gift set which is paired with the more floral Irum candle. The pair are beautifully wrapped and have a combined burn time over 100 hours, leaving a scent resonating for days.


  11. Irum & Signature Oud Candle and Perfume Set

    The ultimate must have His and Hers fragrances by Ayesha Ziya - The perfect combo to compliment both Him and Her - the divine Signature Oud and the elegant Irum in both perfume and candle form. A luxurious set not to be missed 2 x 100ml Bottles & 1 x His and Hers Fragrance Candle set


  12. Luxury Irum Fragrance and Candle Set

    A luxurious set not to be missed combining the popular Irum 100ml fragrance with our new luxury range Irum Candle which comes in its own unique luxurious gift box. This beautiful set is a popular choice for the Irum fragrance lovers and now you can bring both to your home with this exclusive set deal. Set comes with 1 x 100ml Irum Fragrance and our new luxury Irum Candle


  13. Gift Set

    Discover the iconic range of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances through the beautiful sample gift set. The set comprises of six 2ml enchanting perfumes luxuriously packed in our signature black and gold gift box. The new gift set is the perfect way to experience; The sweet floral notes of The Irum, The rich musk of The Signature Oud, The deep spice Of The Islah, The aged woody notes of The Oud, The smoky citrus of Royal Mirage and finally the bliss of our new, long awaited scent ‘The 1” combining a complex blend of Oud, Saffron, Amber and Sandalwood. 6 x 2ml Bottles  


  14. Refreshing Towelettes

    Refreshing Towelettes which are delicately perfumed with Ayesha Ziya’s signature ingredient of Oud. Each indivually wrapped scented Towelette cleanses and perfumes the hand and body whilst gently moisturising for a revitalising lift at any time of day.

  15. Ayesha Ziya Bakhoor Refill for Mabkhara - 30g

    Refill with this intoxicating Ayesha Ziya exclusive Bakhoor - Transform your living space into a blissful ambiance of pure heaven and relax your senses with the soothing Ayesha Ziya Bakhoor. Available in 30g packs - make your selection. 


  16. The Complete Collection

    Experience the complete Ayesha Ziya Fragrance collection. Indulge in the complete essence with all 5 x 100ml fragrances from Ayesha Ziya. The Oud, Irum, Islah, Signature Oud and The Royal Mirage can all be yours today at our discounted saver rate. 5 x 100ml Bottle

    Starting at: £60.00