The Oud

Pure of heart and in possession of a unique depth, The Oud is a refined scent defining renewal and rejuvenation through confident facets of sweet spices and woody notes.

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About this Product

The Story

A sweet and spicy opening of floral notes gives way to a bright heart of bursting fresh fruits, grounded by a beautifully earthy element of balsamic sandalwood. The Oud speaks of luxurious depth and is evocative of renewal, remaining endlessly sophisticated in its development and presence.

This revitalising and enduring scent will reawaken your senses, drawing you closer to the luxury that is the essence of the oud. A clean, grounded impression of balsamic richness is sparked with a warm and aromatic elevation, ensuring this woody, velvety scent defines a pared back confidence and deep sensuality.


The Oud

Fragrance Notes

Top Note

Sweet and Spicy Floral Notes

Heart Note

Fresh Fruity Notes

Base Note

Balsamic Sandalwood

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