Definitively fresh and remarkably vibrant, Islah is a charming fusion of sparkling youth and radiant warmth.

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About this Product

The Story

Alive with a refreshing heart of spicy rosemary, Islah engages a delightfully herbal core that is elevated by the addition of warm fruity accents, lifting the spirit and the senses. The animated offering of lighter, sweet components makes for a sensational fragrance, which is as mysterious as it is playful.

A light yet warm and sensual composition, Islah’s verdant freshness is embraced and matured by a sultry base of ambergris oud, immersing the wearer in a radiant fragrance that is rooted in perpetual luxury. Buoyant and flirtatious, this youthful interpretation of fruits, spicy rosemary, and oud—a renowned luxury—is utterly wearable and pleasantly spirited.



Fragrance Notes

Top Note

Spicy Warm Fruity Note

Heart Note

Spicy Rosemary

Base Note

Ambergris Oud

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