Luxury Car Scents

Choose from six luxury scents designed by Ayesha Ziya. Made to last up to 21 days each, indulge yourself in a new world of fragrance for your vehicle, home or office.

Pack of 10.

£19.99 (inc VAT) + £30.99 (Shipping & Handling)

About this Product


Our Luxury Car Scents are available in boxes of 10 and designed to bring a sense of luxury to your everyday life. Our 6 signature scents from our popular Euro Garage Collaboration are now available online. 

Signature Oud

A velvety blend of opulent Oud enveloped by precious balsamix & rich musk.

After Midnight

Indulge yourself in this mysterious scent of citrus notes intertwined with rich dark leather.

Black Velvet Oud

Encapsulate your heart with its woody scents, rich sweet & earthy it is truly opulent.

Forget Me Not

Sweet & simply unforgettable with notes of strawberries, lemons & cotton candy.

Forbidden Forest

Wander through the scents of pine into the fresh ice of mint to awaken your senses.


Escape to the beaches, be swept away by the salty notes & fall in love with the smell of orange & patchouli.

10 Luxury Car Scent Boards x 1 Scent

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