The ultimate sense of summer bottled, rediscover your youth with the rejuvenating freshness of lemon and citrus with tranquil notes of lavender, patchouli and jasmine. The citrus and floral scents flow together perfectly, which will swarm the senses with euphoric flashbacks of childhood youth on summer evenings surrounded by freshly cut grass, hazy sunbeams followed by a gentle breeze.

Lemon's were originally from the Middle East in which they were transported to Spain and Africa in the Middle Ages. Lemons have an amazing diversity in which they are used for their distinctive taste in a monumental number of cuisines around the world, perfect for natural remedies and wonderful within aromatherapy and of course perfumery. 

Power’s luxurious base notes, sharpen the senses and form a rich and vibrant glow. Jasmine radiates its intense sweet floral notes proudly within the base of Power; however, Jasmine also has an extremely seductive muskiness entwined within its floral notes. Paired with amber in the base of Power, the overall scent of this everlasting fragrance leaves behind a combination of sweet musk and a powdery warmth. 

The memoirs of the notes within Power will reawaken anecdotes to younger years and will emit an incredible sense of joy, which will translate into a hugely empowering feeling. Therefore, allowing you to see the beauty in every single day and to seize every single opportunity. 

Hypnotic floral notes from the Patchouli flower marry perfectly with the citrusy lemon, whilst the Lavender creates an aura of relaxation. Lavender is thought to have originated in the highlands of India. However, these days you can find Lavender happily growing in all sorts of sunny, stony and dry areas around the world. Today, France is the heart of lavender growth with more than 80,000 kilos grown every year. 

Jasmine is known to have originated in India and China, and surprisingly is a member of the Olive family. Dependant on where a Jasmine flower is grown it can have multiple different fragrances from medicinal, sweet, musky or evergreen. Moreover, this is why the Jasmine flower is so popular in perfumery, as it is incredibly versatile, therefore, can be used in multiple different ways. 

Lemony top notes truly capture the essence of summertime, creating a clean and fresh aroma when Power connects to the skin. Like a breath of fresh air, with its intriguing dewiness yet crispness from the citrus. Flares of tropical aromas are constant throughout ensuring a wholesome and happy feeling inside and out. 

Lavenders history has been around for a long time, the name is derived from the Latin, ‘lavere’ which means ‘to wash’, which makes sense since the scent of lavender is extremely floral, clean with hints of liquorice. The Romans perfumed their baths with lavender oil. Lavender is a member of the ancient mint family. In modern perfumery, lavender is the perfect note to be added to any feminine fragrance as it’s light, herbal and floral aroma adds refined and graceful characteristics. 

The empowering and exhilarating mix of the refreshing, sweet, floral and musky scents is a knockout combination, filled with refined and extravagant surprises along the way. It’s a completely perfect fragrance for use during the day and night. Made for you to feel powerful every minute of every day. 

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