Artfully crafted, Signature Oud exuberates femininity and effortlessly promotes confidence and charisma. The initial sweet notes of this beautiful fragrance slowly transform their way into a distinctively emotive yet striking scent of heady balsamic notes, along with the unmistakeable scents of amber and honey. 

At the heart of this delicious scent is the breathtakingly radiant aromas of sandalwood, cashmere wood and oud. Sandalwood gives Signature Oud it’s seductively deep and woody character intermingled with the luxury of Oud also known as ‘liquid gold’, it offers a delectable opulence of passionate spiritual aromas. 

There are multiple variants of musk’s and balsams which have their own individual scents from earthy, powdery, chocolatey, leathery, fig-like, nutty and woody. So, there’s a good reason into why balsams and musk’s are so popular within perfumery as they are so versatile and multifaceted. 

Signature Oud is Ayesha Ziya’s fourth essence and stands out from the rest with it including the most scents within its top, heart and base notes, creating an incredibly majestic fragrance journey. Signature Oud is without doubt a masterpiece, which will be the shining jewel within anybody’s perfume collection. 

Moreover, the glowingly warm vibrance of the cashmere wood unites with the floral top notes like an exquisite embrace. Soft and smooth, with an outstandingly spicy essence whilst also being intriguingly delicate cashmere wood is the epitome of classic elegance and ageless luxury. 

Finally, Signature Ouds endearing notes of honey work brilliantly to emphasise the floral top notes. With this delicious touch of honey in the feminine structure it oozes sexiness from all angles. According to cave paintings in Valencia, Spain it was over 15,000 years ago since man first produced the delicious sweetener that we all love today.

Be welcomed into a meadow of flowers at first scent, it’s top notes are filled with a divine floral wave swiftly followed by the sweet and succulent freshness of blueberry. Like a warm afternoon in summer the floral botanicals will take you down memory lane making this essence so special. Traditionally, these florals can be found at the heart of almost every fragrance created jasmine, peony, tuberose, lily of the valley and magnolia. 

At the base of Signature Oud, you’ll find the musky balsamic base notes which truly round this fragrance giving it it’s quality finish, it’s known that musk’s history within perfumery goes way back. Its first appearance is in the 6th century, brought from India by Greek explorers, which was later used by Arabic perfumers as they worked on perfecting the art of capturing aphrodisiac powers.

To review, the pursuit of delicate sweetness and alluring charisma has created a feminine yet powerful fragrance perfect for the romantic yet daring woman. 

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