Regal, breathtaking and incredibly refined, Royal Mirage is pure temptation in a bottle. Made for the wearer to express their mysterious and lavish side. This haute couture fragrance was designed to make a statement, ideal for a dauntless wearer who’s ready to take on anything in their stride. 

Unearthing, the lavish heart notes within this essence oozes Eastern Origins and the riches and grandeur which can be found in Eastern regions. Intertwined within the maze of opulent scents is Amber, Frankincense, Citrus, Opopenax and of course Oud. 

The combination of leather and perfumery goes way back to the 15th century, these links are rooted long-ago to the ‘gantier parfumeurs’, an association of glove-makers in Paris who fabricated gloves for royalty and aristocrats. The tanning process smells foul, therefore, leathers were handled with oils, musk, civet and ambergris, to mask the smell of animal’s skin. 

Rich and strong from start to finish, Royal Mirage won’t fail at capturing attention and enchanting the souls of both men and women. A cosmopolitan classic with an ultra-modern twist, pursuing an avant-garde style both inside and out. 

The history within Royal Mirage, quite literally is royal also religious and spiritual. The Three Kings presented frankincense as one of the gifts to Baby Jesus, that’s how historic this essence is. Frankincense is an incredibly powerful scent, so is generally only used in tiny doses. Many people may not know that frankincense is a resin harvested from the Boswellia Sacra Tree, which is native to the Dhofar in Oman. 

Furthering the seductive and sensual scents within Royal Mirages base notes is agarwood smoke, known to be one of the ultimate luxury perfume ingredients. With its exotic richness it successfully adds evocative aromas to whichever fragrance it is added too, making the scent perfect for evening wear. 

Bewitching and tantalizing Bergamot opens this distinguished fragrance which immediately enraptures the skin and body with a flood of luxury. Intermingled with Pimento Berry Oil this eloquent combination sparks an alluring magnetism. The scents of bergamot are known to give an initial airy, uplifting quality, it’s known very well by aromatherapists to treat depression. 

Opopenax, is perfectly combined with Frankincense within this rich and intoxicating fragrance which creates an incredibly ethereal and exotic scent. Also, used by royals Opopenax was regarded by King Solomon as ‘the noblest of incense gums’, it is known to be extremely flammable, therefore, explains why it’s been used as incense for centuries. This glamourous scent reminds people of angelica, aged whiskey, mahogany and bitter caramel. 

Royal Mirage captures the true spirit of luxury, confidence and drama within a bottle. One spritz is enough to make anybody feel like they can conquer the world. 

The mysterious spice within the top notes mixed within the sweetness of bergamot is known as Pimento, or many others may know it by it’s much more common name – Allspice. When the berry has been dried and ground it manages to smell like cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg, combined, creating Allspice. In perfumery standards, allspice offers warm, sensual and nutty scents.

The vibrant base notes ever so smoothly start to edge their way into the top and heart notes commanding attention, authority and assertiveness. Leather, agarwood smoke, patchouli and sandalwood envelop the wearer in an indulgent ambience of smoky richness and spice, provoking attention everywhere. 


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