Created as a limited edition fragrance to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UAE ‘Oud De Zaffran’ is our most eloquent and luxurious fragrance yet. Celebrating all things Arabian and feminine, capturing true level of luxury that fragrances can capture it is a truly opulent experience for anyone looking for a mature and sweet Oud scent. 

Made with the highest quality Oud, Saffron, Musk, Patchouli and Rose oils, our UAE customers' feedback is that Oud De Zaffran is one of Ayesha Ziya’s best creations ever mirroring the success of our iconic Irum fragrance.

Thanks to the 'Oud De Zaffran's' popularity on launch and the hugely positive feedback our customers the CEO and Founder Ayesha Ziya was inspired enough to release this scent as the official 9th fragrance of the Ayesha Ziya collection for the world to enjoy. 

The catalyst that inspired the creation of the ‘Oud De Zaffran’ has been Ayesha Ziya’s many years of experience traveling and living in the UAE and it's not hard to see why such a place inspires her fragrance notes.

The United Arabian Emirates has an ancient and distinct history with fragrances dating back to before the 9th century and carrying through to the modern and vibrant cities of today.

The expertise of oil craftsmanship and scent blending of the many perfumeries makes it the perfect place of inspiration for any perfumist. Ayesha Ziya has spent many years practicing and perfecting her perfumist skills in our Dubai laboratory to much success with 'Oud De Zaffran' marking her 9th mainline fragrance launch since founding Ayesha Ziya Fragrances back in 2015.

The UAE has always held a strong place in Ayesha Ziya’s heart, it is the place that has most inspired her love for rich scents, the founding place for her fragrances, and a place she and the AZ Dubai Team now calls home with the official opening of the Dubai office and UAE store in 2021.

With a deep base of Saffron blended with Musk the fragrance is then subdued with exuberant heart notes of Sweet Oud and Patchouli. The elegant rich top notes of Rose finish this scent off ensuring Oud De Zaffran wears beautifully throughout the day and evolves and deepens in the cooler evening.

Let us take you to the lavish sands of Dubai with this scent from the heart and discover the nostalgic feeling behind 'Oud De Zaffran' available now online. 

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