Midnight’ designed by Ayesha Ziya is certainly by both name and nature one of the most beautiful and enticing fragrances on the market. Much like the strike of Midnight during a new years celebration the scent is truly unmissable and in this post we will be uncovering the mystery of Midnight; what makes Midnight so special? and the personal story behind its creation and naming.

As with every fragrance produced by Ayesha Ziya Midnight is unique to the Ayesha Ziya fragrance line with scent notes that have heavy emphasis on citrus and woody scent notes making it a stand out choice for lovers of deep Woody Oud scents and powerful floral lovers. Midnight is created with a luxury combination of Rose and Orange Top Notes. Celestial Heart Notes of Jasmine, Patchouli, Lavender, Cedar & Musk. And Aromatic Base Notes of Oud, Cypriol and Agarwood.

This combination allows for a powerful but effeminate scent that reflects the wearer's innermost beauty to empower them throughout the day and night. 

But what inspired Ayesha Ziya to create Midnight?

Often there is a story behind each fragrance and for Midnight there is no exception.


Ayesha Ziya has always been inspired by her close family bonds, the first fragrance she ever launched ‘Irum’ was even named after one of beloved nieces. However with the launch of Ayesha Ziya Dubai and Covid travel restrictions in the UK, unfortunately Ayesha Ziya has been unable to celebrate her birthday or any new product launches with her UK based family this year as she has been hard at work setting up the AZ Dubai headquarters and working on creating new and exciting products for the global company in our Dubai laboratory. 


However this separation has had an effect on Ayesha and as many people around the globe have experienced, being away from your loved ones can be hard on the heart.

Nevertheless Ayesha Ziya has remained diligent to her work and as such Midnight has been well thought out with the launch date and timing in particular is special to her.


The 31st of July marks Ayesha's niece's birthday and with Ayesha Ziya's own birthday on the 1st of August no matter the distance, midnight is the meeting point of the two days. This year will mark the first in 18 years that she and her niece will be spending their birthdays apart but at midnight they are together at heart. Our new Midnight fragrance is dedicated to Ayesha Ziya’s niece. Midnight reminds Ayesha Ziya of her niece, a fragrance that is strong but beautiful and so different from the rest.


We hope that for those who experience our Midnight fragrance that they are able to find comfort that Midnight is a meeting point in time for those separated by space.

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