A symphony of peaceful, radiant and sweet aromas which are true to its name, the 1 is a unique and beautiful blend which proves to be an exclusive scent, a scent which will stand out from the rest of your fragrance collection. 

Amber is the key scent within this fragrance as it runs through the top notes and is the only heart note within the 1. Amber brings a new lease of life to this fragrance with it’s warm, powdery and sweet scent, which is an absolutely breathtaking combination paired with the earthiness of the top notes. Amber works its magic as it is used mainly in oriental perfumes to help convey a rich, spicy and powdery sensation. 

Known to be the priciest within the spice family, called ‘red gold’, saffron is amongst the most ancient perfume ingredients, used by the Ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans. The most extravagant use for Saffron was back when the Romans threw Saffron across the floors of public places to scent the air on special occasions. Saffron has also been known to of been used to scent baths, houses and temples, it was also used in medicine as a narcotic. 

The 1 is the only fragrance you need in your life as this idyllic scent is not just for the hopeless romantic found inside everyone’s heart, this fragrance will also be perfect in the hands of an independent, confident and self-assured individual. The 1 is the one for everyone.

Modern perfumers developed the scent of amber during the 19th century, they identified that amber had a right to its own fragrance category. Furthermore, from that point forward it meant that certain scents were defined as the ‘amber note’. These essences are normally warm, exotic and oriental in character. 

All-in-all, this peacefully sweet yet spicy fragrance, gleams with simplicity yet dazzles with its intricacies of its beautifully historic past. Like a luxurious ocean of gold, filled with an ambiance of purity and virtue, it’s scent like itself will make the wearer feel one of a kind. 

The dreamy top notes of sandalwood, amber and oud immediately releases waves of pure luxury as the liquid gold earthy sweetness, of Oud cascades across the skin.  From start to finish the aromas behind this fragrance have deep roots with the woody, earthy and floral scents, creating a distinctively deep character, immersing the wearer in glamour and sophistication.

Melting into the luxuriously spicy base notes, you find Saffron as the one and only scent within this perfumes base. The saffron wistfully ends this fragrance journey in an elegant yet confident way, which packs a punch whilst being incredibly graceful. Delightfully, bittersweet, honeyed and hay-like, saffron has a way of being soft as silk yet being incredibly animated at the same time, making the 1 completely different to any other fragrance. 


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