Ayesha Ziya & Euro Garage group is a collaboration that gets everyone talking. But this launch has a special twist. 

Introducing the all new Uplifting Fragrance Boost cans NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE at!

After the exciting new launch to Euro garage forecourts across the UK at the end of 2022 we are proud to announce that all three Uplifting Fragrance Boost can scents will now also be available not only from our local Euro Garage forecourt, but also online at thanks to our wonderful customers feedback and support. 

Haven't had a chance to try them out yet?

Now is your chance to own a set of our 400ml Uplifting Scent Boosts, designed with uplifting every journey, home and office at the press of a button.

We expect them to be a big hit as we’ve taken the luxury scents of Ayesha Ziya Fragrances to a new format for all to enjoy. So act fast!

Our Uplifting Fragrance Boost cans have arrived in three scents.

The worldwide best seller ‘Signature Oud’ returns with succulent blueberry and floral elements that rest atop a glowing heart of warm sandalwood and cashmere wood.

‘Berry In Love’ Has had a romantic makeover and rework of its iconic scent notes to bring the fresh berry scent wherever you go. Finally allow the all new

‘Royal Azure’ scent to crown your living space with its sweet and woody scents of grapefruit, sandalwood and fresh cedar base notes designed by founder Ayesha Ziya the fragrance is sure to make every space opulent. 

Great for any space and small enough to fit your glove box, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the luxury of our latest AZxEG collaboration wherever your journey takes you.

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