Refreshingly citrusy, accompanied with a dash of spice which effortlessly transitions into a musky, warm luxurious blend of sensual elements. Islah is a sensational marriage of revitalising components which will draw attention anywhere and everywhere. 

The zingy lemon aroma found in Islah adds splashes of summer throughout this incredibly youthful essence, spreading sunshine wherever it is worn.  The history surrounding the lemon is blurry, however, their origins could be anywhere between Southern India, Burma or China. 

It is produced by the magisterial sperm whale and has been used for centuries, however, its origin remains a mystery. The enigma behind Ambergris is what creates the mysterious and playful effect within Islah and many other fragrances Ambergris features in. 

Ayesha Ziya’s vision for Islah was to steer away from the mature elements of the likes of The Oud and to create a heavenly herbal and rejuvenating scent to make her collection versatile and so there’d be a perfume suited to everyone’s taste.

The heart note of spicy rosemary combines flawlessly with the citrus top notes creating a splendidly flamboyant and flirtatious composition, drawing in desire and adventure wherever the wearer may go. However, rosemary's scent is an explosion of minty notes combined with evergreen, tiger balm and eucalyptus.

The everlasting beauty of Islah is truly irresistible and will immerse you into a paradise of warmth and grandeur. 

Starting with the top notes you’ll be swept away to a magical Sicilian garden filled with freshly squeezed lemons and juicy oranges, which will lift and brighten your spirit which will leave your senses revigorated and awakened. The sweet citrus notes added by the orange is incredibly versatile in perfumery adding soft, sweet, fresh qualities without being overpowering.

Lastly, as this vibrant and vivacious scent settles into the voluptuous base notes of Ambergris Oud, the wearer will sense the true luxury of this enduring fragrance. The uniqueness of Ambergris is exceptional and is often categorised as the world’s strangest natural occurrences. 


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