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Ayesha Ziya is not just known for her luxurious collection of fragrances but also for her renowned knowledge of the exact placement of how perfume should be worn and how to accessorize a fragrance depending on the outfit which is chosen. You may think applying a fragrance is just as easy as a simple spritz, however, you’d be wrong.

The correct placement of a fragrance depends entirely on both the environment in which it is worn and the outfit for which it accessorises.

Pulse Points and Common-Sense

Common-sense goes a long way in the factor of ensuring that your fragrance lasts as long as possible. It is known that perfumes don't last as long on dry skin, also if a fragrance is accompanied by unmatched scented body lotions or other fragranced products. The best recommendation for this is to wear a moisturiser that is unscented, as this will stop any interference with your signature scent and will help the perfume stick to your skin

A Light Hand goes a Long Way

If you want to apply a fragrance correctly, a little restraint goes a long way. Being reserved with your fragrances isn't a bad thing. If you overload your skin with perfume you can become blind to the smell over time. Thus, leading you to eventually run out of your favourite scent.  Furthermore, whilst spraying perfume into the air and walking into it maybe the essential finalizing touch to your night out ensemble. 

Unfortunately, there are multiple mistakes that women have made during the application process of a fragrance. Fortunately, in this blog, we will provide you with a few simple tweaks that will put you on the right path in the application and care of your perfect fragrance. 

Furthermore, do not let your fragrances go to waste by covering them up with clothing. Depending on, what article of clothing you are wearing pinpoint the accessible pulse points that you have available. If for example, you are wearing a sleeveless blouse, the obvious pulse points would be your neck,  inner wrists and your inner elbows. Your skin’s warmth will unlock the power of your fragrance! 

Unfortunately, this may lead to the discolouration of clothes and tarnishing of jewellery, therefore, rusting your beloved necklaces and earrings and also staining your new white blouse. Stick to your pulse points with a light spritz held about 5 to 7 inches away from the targeted areas and pump between two to three times. 

Just Spray and Dab

Overtime an unconscious habit has occurred within the application of the first spritz. Here is the first mistake, misting a scent onto your wrist then rubbing them together is actually extremely unwise. And, why is this you may ask? The friction created from rubbing heats up the skin which produces natural enzymes that changes the course of the scent. 

Environment is Essential 

The importance of the environment, meaning where you store your perfumes is a major factor according to Ayesha. Think, of your fragrances as living organisms, they will be extremely sensitive to environmental changes. If your fragrance, is exposed from hot to cold temperatures, the shift in temperature can trigger unexpected chemical reactions, therefore, shortening the perfumes lifespan. 

Don’t Apply to Hair

Ayesha highly recommends that you do not apply any alcohol-based formulas to your hair. An alcohol-based formula tends to lead to dry and damaged hair. However, if you are intent on spritzing your luscious locks with an intoxicating scent, Ayesha recommends that you use a non-alcohol-based fragrance.  

This unconscious act impacts the top and middle notes the most. In doing so, the dry-down process is affected which then interrupts the period of time that your fragrance unfolds its delicate aromas. If for example, you have a floral fragrance the heat up process of the skin ultimately causes the floral scent to lose its crispness. We recommend the best way to preserve the characteristics of your fragrance and also ensure it lasts longer on your skin, is spritz both wrists lightly, then lightly dab both wrists together, then let the liquid sink into the skin.

Furthermore, if you leave your fragrances in natural daylight the ultraviolet rays can also alter a perfumes colour, turning Amber tones into a discoloured green. The top tips Ayesha recommends for you is to store your fragrances in the box that you bought your fragrance in, at room temperature, or storing them away in a dark drawer away from light. If you want to go one step further,  there have been reports that multiple people have kept their signature fragrances in their refrigerator.


With these 5 handy tips, you can't go wrong in the application process of your favourite scent. Ayesha always wants to ensure that whenever a person buys one of her fragrances, they get the most out of their purchase. By following these 5 easy rules you'll be ensured to experience the best out of your new Ayesha Ziya fragrance. Happy spritzing!  

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